What to do if your hearing aids stop working

Like many appliances digital hearing aids, even the best brands may suffer from a glitch. If your hearing aid has become less effective or stopped working altogether then there are simple tests to see if you can fix it yourself.

First you can check if your hearing aid is working by cupping the hearing aid in your hand, you should then hear a faint whistling noise. This whistling lets you know that the hearing aid is working.

However if you don’t hear this noise then the first and probably obvious solution is to change the battery; this should be done even if you have recently put a new one in. If you continue to have problems with your hearing aid then it might be easier and cheaper to invest in a hearing aid battery tester.

ITE (In The Ear) and CICs (Completely In the Canal)

A common problem with these types of hearing aids are that the wax guards can become blocked. To stop this from happening they would need to be cleaned using a cleaning brush or a soft tissue each night. Care should be taken though as some wax filters have a fine wire mesh and it is best advised not to use a brush on this but a tissue instead.

For best performance optimisation the wax filter should be replaced once every three to five weeks depending on the individual’s build up of wax. All hearing aids have different wax filters so be sure to check what make your hearing aid is before you purchase any new filters.

Hearing aids should be kept in a dry place as moisture is one of the biggest problems with hearing aids the best way to avoid this problem would be to get a dry aid kit.

Another common problem with these type of hearing aids is the keeping the microphone clean. Microphones need to be clear and can be found next to the battery door. To keep it clean the microphone can only be cleaned with the cleaning brush to gently brush the wax away. Under no circumstances should anything else be used, especially needles or pins to clear away the wax.

BTE (Behind The Ear)

With these types of hearing aids the dome should be checked before the tubing. Most over time can and will get blocked up with wax. To stop it getting blocked up use either a cleaning brush or a soft tissue to clear the wax away from the dome each night. To make sure the dome is free of wax you can use the technique described above to see if the hearing aid is whistling.

Typically domes should be replaced every 6-8 weeks but check the make and size as these vary from hearing aid to hearing aid.

Having checked the dome, the tubing should be checked to see if it is clear and clean of wax. If this becomes a problem then the tube should be replaced, if you have no extra tubes then again make sure to check the make and size as they vary.

RITE (Receiver In The Ear)

The only difference between a RITE hearing aid and a BTE hearing aid is that the RITE has a receiver at the end of the tubing. Receivers are normally very reliable but there are occasions where it is actually the receiver that is creating the problem. If this is the case then it is best to call your audiologist and request a new receiver.

It is normal for all hearing aids to have their own ‘noise’ although the noise does vary from aid to aid. However if the level of noise increases or is uncomfortable then you should speak to your audiologist.

Having followed this advice if your hearing aid still isn’t working then it will have to be sent to the manufacturer for repair under your warranty. For the best hearing aid prices and most up to date technology then visit Natural Hearing we are open seven days a week from 9am to7pm and can be contacted on 0800 228 9865 or visit our website at www.naturalhearing.co.uk


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